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Women’s Entrepreneurship Day – Nov 12, 2018

“While most female entrepreneur events engage ‘experts’ to tell women what they need to do to make their businesses thrive, our event is based on the belief that the women in the room have the answers, and that through directed discussion and collaboration, they will identify and implement the strategies for success.”

– Lorraine Schuchart, Founder & CEO, Prosper for Purpose


Women’s Entrepreneurship Day was held in Cleveland on November 12, 2018.  This marks the first Women’s Entrepreneurship Day event in Cleveland and the second event overall.  This event is centered around the idea that everyone is an expert. Everyone has experiences, stories, perspectives, and ideas to share that differ from the person next to you.  New and experienced entrepreneurs can come together to share these experiences and brainstorm how to inspire growth and create opportunities. HID works to “connect people in the community to help the Cleveland entrepreneurial community”.







Some favorite quotes at the event were “step up to share and step back to listen” and “Clevelander’s support each other”.  As female entrepreneurs in Cleveland, we continue to work to create, grow, and sustain a successful business. We are always open to learning more from the community and making connections.  HID says “it is important to give back to the community that shaped you and helped you grow”.


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